La Fonte

Italian Restaurant & Pub

7 Lincoln Way West, New Oxford, PA

(717) 624 3287


Business hours:


monday: closed
tue - thur 11 am to 12am
fri & sat: 11 am to 2am
sunday: 12pm to 10pm

Special Report: Live ghost hunt results in eerie evidence

It is not often that anyone can find themself inside of a haunted house.  But that was reportedly the case when CBS 21 News helped to document a paranormal investigation Thursday night.

The LaFonte Restaurant sits along the historic Lincoln Highway in New Oxford, Adams County.  Built in 1858, the building has long served the community as an inn and pub.

On multiple occasions, investigators with PEER (Paranormal and Environmental Explanations from Research) have documented evidence of paranormal activity inside of LaFonte.  The activity includes orbs, unexpected white "spots" that appear on digital pictures and video, and electronic voice phenomena captured on digital recorders.  Paranormal investigators believe these bizarre occurences are evidence of ghosts.  

Recently, PEER members invited CBS 21 News to witness and broadcast an investigation live on television.  Our camera captured a flashlight, untouched by human hands, turning on and off at the request of a psychic medium, who claimed to be asking the ghost of a child to turn the light on as a signal of his presence.

If you would like to take the opportunity to experience some of the ghosts that reportedly reside in New Oxford, you will soon have the chance to do so.  The New Oxford Area Historical Society will be conducting Ghost Tours on Friday and Saturday, November 5 and 6.  There are two tours each night, beginning at 6 PM and 8 PM.  Tickets for the tours are available by calling (717) 624-6240, or at New Oxford Coffee Company on the Square, The Christmas Haus, 110 Lincoln Way West, or Forget-Me-Not Framing, 308 Lincoln Way West.  Tickets cost $15 the day of the tour, or $10 in advance.  No children under 10 are allowed on the tour, and children under 16 are allowed without adult supervision.

The tours will be led by Steve McNaughton, PEER member, and author of the book Pennsylvania's Adams County Ghosts.