La Fonte

Italian Restaurant & Pub

7 Lincoln Way West, New Oxford, PA

(717) 624 3287


Business hours:


monday: closed
tue - thur 11 am to 12am
fri & sat: 11 am to 2am
sunday: 12pm to 10pm



Project Overview Statement



Project Name: La Fonte Restaurant, New Oxford, PA       

Project:  Paranormal Investigation

Date:  November, 2008                   

Reported By:  Barbara Lee Rowe, clairvoyant, medium

Project Manager(s): Steve and Tina McNaughton         

Project Summary

Overview: Arrival and Brief Synopsis of Early Findings
Upon arrival, I, Barbara Lee Rowe, was introduced to the owner’s of LaFont Restaurant, including daughter, Eleanora.  I was taken through the kitchen and into the dining room where I instantly began to feel a “presence.”  Walking briefly through the bottom floor with the Eleanora and her mom, I was confronted by a startling and excruciating pain in the area of my lower back.  The pain was so severe that it took my breath away as I entered back into the kitchen.  At once, Eleanora’s mom stated that she quite often felt that pain while she was standing in the kitchen.  I soon was able to release the pain which I ascertained was given off by the entity present.

·         Presence felt of a female entity in dining room

·         Sudden and severe “psychic” pain attached to psychic, Barbara Lee.

·         Female entity concentrates between kitchen and dining room
Overview:  Clairvoyant Investigation of Bottom Floor
Barbara Lee Rowe, accompanied by Steve M. and Eleanora, on a walk-through of the rooms of the establishment which dates back to 1858. The following results were determined:

·         Activity already noted in kitchen and Dining Room*

·         Bar area: a single entity is determined to be that of a male with further analysis unclear

·         The front dining area (previously a parlor) is found to be active with spirit energy lingering from the original time period.*

The front hallway and stairway is determined to hold spirit activity/energy*
The front dining area (former parlor) reveals spirit energy from an earlier time period, original to the house, several “cold” spots are felt and psychic interaction between spirit energies which seem to be both male and female linger here.*

* denotes camera set up at these points


Overview:  Synopsis of General Findings

·         Second Floor: (1) Spirit energy felt on upstairs landing, in first room (originally where fire was) felt occupied by spirit energy of children, boy and girl, of illness and quarantine of some sort.  A feeling of death is here within this series of rooms upstairs off the main corridor.  (2) Mid-section of rooms holds spirit energy of male vibration and strong sense of illness, and (3) last room at corner has a “darkness” factor and again, strong feelings of illness including death.  Information remains to be validated.

·         Third Floor (attic): Spirit energy felt strong here from a very early period

·         Cellar: Spirit energy felt here from a very early period

Overview:  Clairvoyant Investigation of Second Floor
Barbara Lee, Steve, and Eleanora proceeded through the second floor rooms and nothing is felt until the middle room where Barbara Lee encounters  the spirit form of an elderly lady with grayed hair atop her head and a black shawl draped around her shoulders.  She is sitting in a rocking chair beside the window looking out.  The energy is very sad here. Downstairs at the report of initial findings, Eleanora advises Barbara Lee that the woman in question, as described by Barbara Lee, is Eleanora’s paternal grandmother who is deceased.

Overview:  Clairvoyant Investigation of Third Floor
Barbara Lee, Steve, and Eleanora proceed up to the third floor where Barbara Lee feels spirit activity/energy in the form of “men lying around,” and some type of “hidden agenda” which is unclear at this point but seems to target the hiding of people/persons or the possibility of punishment of some sort going on up here, perhaps children?  Information is unclear and remains to be investigated and/or validated.

Overview:  Clairvoyant Investigation of Cellar
Barbara Lee feels the strong vibration of people “trying to escape” and feels that there may have been “tunnels” down in this area at some point, which is later that evening confirmed by Eleanora’s mother.  There is an instance where Barbara Lee is picking up a man and again, children, and is told by Steve that I seem to be reading the contents of a book he is writing but is not yet published.  I inform Steve that it is possible a man who once resided in this house is telling “his story” and the story of the house through Steve.


Primary Project Objectives

Camera and Equipment Set Up in Areas Where Psychic Activity Present
Steve places Barbara Lee with Tina, two males, and Eleanora in the Dining Room where cameras and other equipment have been set up for the purpose of drawing out the “lady” which had turned out to be Eleanora’s late grandmother, her namesake.

·         Contact is made with Eleanora’s grandmother both psychically and physically

·         Information received from Eleanora’s grandmother is confirmed by Eleanora
Barbara Lee concentrates on the Dining Room and front entrance stairway where intense spirit energy is felt.  At the stairway, Barbara Lee, Steve, Tina, and three others with camera and EVP devices proceed with investigation.  Barbara Lee determines there are children present, playing about the stairway. Barbara Lee perceives that one child may have fallen to his death as a result of a slip or an innocent push, dropping down from the second landing through the hole and breaking neck. (At one point B.L. feels a sudden, severe pain in the neck region)  The vision of a young boy dressed in brown knickers, with suspenders and a cap appears to be from the late 1800’s, early 1900’s era.  He has brown hair and Barbara Lee receives from him that he is approx. 8 years old and then hears the name “Zack…”

·         Psychic Phenomena is later produced on equipment in the areas of the landing and stairway where Barbara Lee had felt the energies strongest

·         Other information, i.e. names, etc., is received by Barbara Lee but remains to be validated

Clairvoyant Analysis

Finding 1
·         Spirit of female energy in kitchen and Dining Room is confirmed to be the paternal grandmother of Eleanora

·         Spirit energies in stairwell/hall are believed to be children at play

·         Spirit energies in remainder of house are from various time periods
Finding 2
·         The house was used as a hospital of some sort; much illness and death here

·         The house had been either an underground railroad or original owner had slaves

·         House has many different associations of spirit energy of the non-family level
Finding 3
·         LaFont Restaurant is definitely and without question “haunted”

·         Intelligent spirit energies mainly confined to main floor kitchen, dining room, and front entrance hallway. These are reluctant to leave though are harmless.  Found no “evil” to exist here but rather benevolent, intelligent spirit manifestations living ordinary former life existences amid the present energies, with emphasis on establishing contact, both advertently and inadvertently, with present inhabitants.

·         There is also the presence of residual manifestations (place memory) in some areas such as the front parlor, second and third floors, and cellar.