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7 Lincoln Way West, New Oxford, PA

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With an explosion of taste this pie is among the most popular to decorate banquets and parties of any kind ...
It's recipe, like others among those presented here, is both the secret ingredients in the doses, but as you can see from the fruit is among the main elements ... but that's not all ... Discover it! !

The tiramisu is a famous Italian dessert, which appears on the menus of the most important restaurants worldwide. 
About his origins were traced several stories. 
Extras are also the regions that were contending for fatherhood: Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto and Tuscany. 
A legend tells of a baker in Turin, following a request from the prime minister Count Camillo Benso di Cavour, he created a cake that can support the greedy statesman in his difficult work of unifying the Italian territory. 
Other stories trace the birth of a dessert spoon restaurant El Toulà of Treviso. 
Some stories tell of some Sienese pastry chefs, who in late 1600, during the visit of Grand Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo III de 'Medici, wanted to represent the noble characteristics of sumptuousness combined with simplicity in an' original recipe. 
At the time the establishment was named the duke's soup, but, later, the courtiers exciting and aphrodisiac properties attributed to these gain to it its current name.

The cake prepared by Mr. Pierino, one of the owners of "La Fonte", has a secret recipe handed down for generations in the family and also the preparation of delicious cake is only on certain occasions.
Often you can not even order because Mr. Pierino says, "There arent the suitable conditions" ...
The mystery surrounding this delicious cake is not only linked to the dough, but also on the ingredients with which it is to realize its magical taste, what is certain is that in the end if you're lucky enough to have a piece you can never go back to eat sweets without your thoughts return to this sweet confectionary deities of the cake's world ...

Taste the true flavor of Italian pastry.

Call now to order these and other delicacies of Mama Luisa and her daughter Eleonora.






We have the original and traditional recipes ...

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