La Fonte

Italian Restaurant & Pub

7 Lincoln Way West, New Oxford, PA

(717) 624 3287


Business hours:


monday: closed
tue - thur 11 am to 12am
fri & sat: 11 am to 2am
sunday: 12pm to 10pm


Commenti: 65
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    CHB (giovedì, 26 gennaio 2017 21:13)

    I have tried to contact you by email but no results. Is Eleonore's email working???

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    Leona, Ed, Warren and Vicki (sabato, 05 settembre 2015 00:06)

    Thank you so much for the fantastic meal and warm welcome to your Restaurant. My husband and I, as well as our good friends always stop at LaFonte's for a meal when visiting Gettysburg. The food is superb. Our Host's Mama and Eleonora always treat us well, we feel like family. My favorite is the veal parm. And the coconut cake is to die for, delicious. My husband loves the Martinis. This is a definite stop. Ed, Leona, Warren and Vicki.

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    Robin and Bill (giovedì, 03 settembre 2015 02:55)

    Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. Your food is beyond delicious and we enjoyed visiting with you and your daughter. You truly made us feel that we were in your home having a fantastic meal! We loved how fresh and homemade everything was. I wish your restaurant was in Atlanta! If we are are ever in the area again, we will be by, and we will definitely recommend you to anyone we know coming to visit Gettysburg!

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    Kara and Tyler (sabato, 11 luglio 2015 18:17)

    Thank you so much for your amazing service, your food is hands down the best Italian I've ever had. We cannot wait to come back!, and I personally can't wait to have more of your amazing Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken!

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    Dawn DuBois (venerdì, 24 ottobre 2014 08:18)

    I wanted to thank you for the wonderful mea we had at your lace last night. Rex (my husband) Wolfgang, (my son), and I could not stop talking about the delicious fod and amazing hospitality. I will be writing a review for you on Yelp, Trup Advisor and my groups page on facebook, Gettysburg Past and Present. Thank you for all the little attentions and for showing us around We will be back , many times, I imagine.

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    Francesco (mercoledì, 13 agosto 2014 02:18)

    Ho conosciuto questo ristorante pochi giorni fa. Ho assagiato la specialita de Sig.ra Luisa: la torta di arancio. Meravigliosa! Tornero.

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    Iris and Ron (venerdì, 07 marzo 2014 19:18)

    Mama, we love you and Eleonora and your amazing food! You made our trip amazing, and we are DEFINITELY coming back. We felt so happy and at home at La Fonte. Thank you so much for the tour and the wonderful conversation. Grazie!

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    Pamela and Luigi (mercoledì, 19 febbraio 2014 04:39)

    We always stop at La Fonte when we are out antiquing and are never disappointed. The homemade pasta and items are special. It is food that you expect in Italy, not in central Pennsylvania. Wish it was closer to DC and we would eat there often. Everything is authentic. We know you will keep up the good food and service.

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    schaumburg il restaurant (giovedì, 24 ottobre 2013 09:10)

    Unbelievable work man!! Keep your heads high you probably did it.

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    Mark & Cheryl, Maryland (venerdì, 27 settembre 2013 18:50)

    La Fonte is our favorite place to eat on our travels through PA. The food is always delicious and the ladies are delightful. We wish we had such a wonderful restaurant close to home. Love the soups, pastas and desserts. Authentic and handmade "with love."

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    Cory - Mt. Kisco, NY (giovedì, 26 settembre 2013 05:30)

    I'm traveling to Virginia from NY to visit my daughter in college and staying over a night to go to the Gettysburg battlefield. I wanted to find something to eat and wasn't really expecting to find anything special. The hotel didn't have many suggestions and those they did didn't sound so good. I just drove East on 30 and ended up in New Oxford and decided to go to the Italian restaurant on Rt. 30 near the New Oxford circle. It didn't look like much but I wasn't expecting much as I didn't know the area at all.

    I certainly wasn't expecting to find one of the best Italian restaurants (well probably the best) that I've eaten in in a long time. The pasta is homemade as is the bread (all made on the premises), many of the vegetables come from their own garden or are organic vegetables from the Amish country. My dish was excellent. the pasta was delicious, the vegetables fresh, the marinara sauce I ordered was also excellent. The bread was great. Everything was very first rate, not what you'd expect in a small Pennsylvania town.

    The service was excellent as well. I left feeling I had spent an evening with friends. Luisa (Mama) the owner and chef and her daughter Eleanora were warm and friendly. Luisa sat with me after my dinner, offering me samples of her tiramisu and one of her specialty cakes. Both were delicious. She even gave me a local apple to take back to the hotel. A true family restaurant.

    They are located in an 1858 house that once was a hotel and apparently served as a place to treat the wounded from Gettysburg. the place is large and atmospheric. Truly a special place. If you're in the area you should eat there.

    Thank you to both Luisa and Eleanora for a wonderful experience.

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    Ed Beirne (mercoledì, 25 settembre 2013 04:59)

    Just had the meal of my life and it wasn't even on the menu!! I just devoured the absolute best eggplant parmesan I've ever experienced. La Fonte is truly a gem. Luisa (Mama) and Eleonora are the heart and soul of what can only be considered the epitome of a family dining experience. Great service, exceptional hospitality, and the value added tableside conversation (and pictures if you're lucky!) made for a great evening.

    Thank you Mama and Eleonora for making an out of town National Fire Academy student a meal that makes me wish I was back home. Don't worry, I'll definitely be back!!

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    Joan and Bill (martedì, 10 settembre 2013 18:44)

    We said we write a review for you. What a wonderful lunch made by Mam and served by daughter. Loved it

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    Scott and Michalina (domenica, 26 maggio 2013 15:48)

    What a wonderful time we had! Greeted by Mama for a 50th anniversary dinner for a party of 18, we were home. From the antipasta through the sambuka, every bite was bellisimo!!!! The tiramisu is authentic, from another galaxy!!! The veal parm you cannot describe. Our party were full of Italians, and even though we have lived in the vicinity most our lives, we never had been there. Rest assure Mama, your place is the ONLY place I will ever have Italian again!!! Ti amo and Grazi to you and your wonderful family.

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    Best Juicer (giovedì, 11 aprile 2013 08:18)

    This is an excellent write-up! Thank you for sharing with us!

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    James & Nunziatina (venerdì, 29 marzo 2013 22:49)

    rallegrante to fine such a gem so far from home. we came for pranzo and left as freinds.

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    Jane and Bill (sabato, 23 marzo 2013 20:46)

    We decided to have lunch while we waited for the nearby furniture store to package a chair we had purchased. Being unfamiliar with the restaurants in town, what we did not anticipate was the excellent food, service, and hospitality at La Fonte. We ordered the chicken parm with homemade pasta--along with a house salad featuring Luisa's homemade salad dressing. Everything was freshly-prepared and delicious. Luisa, the owner and cook, and Eleonora, our server, doted on us as well as the other guests at the restaurant. Perhaps the thing that struck us most is Luisa's concern that the food and service be exemplary. She takes pride in her establishment. Eleonora is delightful--friendly and helpful. To make sure that we had the complete experience, we left with one of Luisa's homemade pastries, and we look forward to sharing it tonight. We will return to La Fonte--and will bring friends with us.

    Jane and Bill

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    Mary Jo Bramble (venerdì, 15 marzo 2013 01:01)

    It certainly started like every other day. By 3pm, my wife and I were in New Oxford waiting for my mom to have her pedicure. All at once I said, "I'm really hungry." I never say that --A sure sign that we should probably get some food right away. Not knowing where to go, we decided to head east toward the town center and found ourselves standing in circle backup traffic in front of La Fonte. Sometimes no matter how normal everything feels, fate intervenes. I pulled the car over to the curb and we went in. We were instantly greeted by Eleonora who gave us our choice of tables since we were between lunch and dinner rushes. She was WONDERFUL. We felt like we were part of the family. Then Mama Luisa came out to deliver our bread herself, something the chef almost never bothers to do. I felt like I had just come home. Toward the end of our meal, Mama Luisa and Eleanora came to hang out with us and give us some good "life advice." We were both delighted to have been so readily accepted by these wonderful strangers and sad that we had been missing out on their brand of excellent food, service, and company up until now. Now I can tell by the smells coming from our own kitchen that today's leftovers are ready for dinner and a magnificent dessert comes after that! Thank you, Eleonora and Mama Luisa for MAKING OUR DAY!
    PS: My mom gets her next pedicure on the 25th of April. We'll see you then!!

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    Will & Theresa Quatman (giovedì, 07 marzo 2013 23:37)

    Worth the drive from Baltimore,Great homemade food and extra GREAT people !!!!!!!!
    see you soon

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    Reverend Father Thomas J. Derito-Smith (giovedì, 13 dicembre 2012 23:01)

    Your food is delightful and in abundance, with an old world style and elegance. The most important ingredient of all species that goes into your cooking, food and service is 'Love'. Its a priveledge to bring seminarians who are studying for the priesthood from Mt. St. Mary's Seminary, Emmitsburg MD to expereince such "a touch of class" with a family atomsphere into your restorante!

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    Tamra and Max (giovedì, 15 novembre 2012 15:51)

    Thank you Mama Luisa and Eleonora for an exceptional dining experience. Your food was delicious and authentic. Wow, such big portions! Your personal touch of introducing yourself to us and finding out about our visit to the area was so nice. You don't get that type of attention in most dining out situations. If we decide to relocate to the area you can bet we will be regulars.

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    Lisa and Joe (domenica, 28 ottobre 2012 04:31)

    Thank you Mama Luisa and Eleonora for the wonderful welcoming hospitality, stories and made to order made from scratch food. This is the best italian restaurant we have ever been too. We look forward to trying more of your wonderful dishes. We plan to come back and visit soon.

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    T (domenica, 28 ottobre 2012 02:32)

    Thank you guys your great dishes and best hospitality we have ever gotten. I wish we had time to gone back there for more than two dinners.

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    Donna (mercoledì, 08 agosto 2012 16:45)

    Eleonora and Mama Luisa, thank you for your warm hospitality and exquisite food..I felt like I was home with my Nona and familia! Delizioso!!!!

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    Donna and Jim (martedì, 24 luglio 2012 18:45)

    We stopped in for dinner by chance but we where quickly made to feel right at home. Mama Luisa came out of the kitchen to say hi and share wonderful stories with us. The food is fabulous. We live in South Carolina or we would visit at least once a week. La Fonte is on our list to visit on our next trip that way. Wishing Mama Luisa and Eleonora good health and happiness!

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    Bernie and Barb (lunedì, 18 giugno 2012 21:11)

    To Eleonora and her mother, thanks for a wonderful meal. Fabulous food and welcoming personalities, really made us feel like we were visiting old friends. Can't wait to visit again. Praying for your good health MAMA!

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    Melyssa Fratkin (venerdì, 08 giugno 2012 21:55)

    We wandered into La Fonte on a Wednesday night after 8pm. It was empty, but we had a wonderful meal, and got to chat with Mama Luisa and Leonora. We learned about making the red sauce (no garlic! no oregano!) and tasted her excellent desserts. If we lived anywhere nearby (we live in Texas) we'd go back every week!

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    Tom & Kathy Heckles (venerdì, 27 aprile 2012 04:52)

    We've eaten lunch and dinner at LaFonte and it is excellent. I've brought 17 friends on motorcycles and they've all enjoyed the experience. I'm glad to hear Luisa is back and I hope all is well. Hope to see you soon. Tom

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    louie bushman (venerdì, 13 aprile 2012 16:19)

    Ciao! Salute! It was nice to meet you on the airplane from Roma. We will plan to visit your Restaurant apresto.

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    federica muzio (domenica, 01 aprile 2012 23:42)

    ho curiosato un po !!!! complimenti per il locale Bellissimo !!! spero di rivedervi presto !!! mi raccomando quando tornate in italia fatevi sentire
    un bacio federica

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    Mark, Tracy, Chase (mercoledì, 28 dicembre 2011 16:47)

    Our first time in and we were made to feel like family. The food was delicious and made fresh by Mama Luisa. They explained the history of the house which was very interesting. We will definitely be going back for the food and the hospitality.

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    Mike dzidek (giovedì, 08 dicembre 2011 22:10)

    I have passed by La Fonte to many time to count,I decided,on a whim to stopby for lunch.I was greeted very warmly with beautiful smiles,I felt very at home.I ordered the Calimari,it was absolutly delicious.For my main course the Lasagna,again,delicious,I was very satisfied with the portions.True Italian food with true Italian hospitality.Thanks,Mike

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    Christine and Travis (venerdì, 18 novembre 2011 23:30)

    best Italian food and service in PA!! Mama Louisa will make you feel like you are in her kitchen in Italy!! We discovered this gem 5 weeks ago and have eaten here every week since!!!

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    Sue & Dan from West Virginia (sabato, 08 ottobre 2011 02:27)

    We stop here every time we go to York. EVERYTHING I have even had here has been delicious. I only wish we lived closer. Tonight's Penne Pasta with Gorgonzola sauce was amazing. As always dessert was wonderful - Orange 3 Milk Cake. Each time I come here they make us feel like family. Luisa is a wonderful person and such a great cook! Service is always great. Do not leave without dessert - even if you must take it home. Thanks Luisa for such a wonderful evening.

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    Christine Eckman (lunedì, 26 settembre 2011 14:22)

    If you want a taste of heaven, go to La Fonte! Wonderful food and great hospitality. I look forward to my next visit.

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    Stephanie Pezzato (domenica, 25 settembre 2011 21:04)

    I visited your restaurant today for the first time.I was most impressed with the friendliness of Mama Luisa and Eleonora. I loved Luisa's vinagrette with my fresh,crisp salad and the stuffed eggplant with a generous side of pasta was fabulous! And Eleonora's peppermint candy was a sweet after dinner treat. I plan on becoming a "regular" at La Fonte!!

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    Karen and Reed in Maryland (venerdì, 16 settembre 2011 23:47)

    We have been going to Luisa's since she opened. We have friends from Annapolis who join us frequently. They would rather go to LaFonte than Little Italy. Luisa's vinagrette is fabulous and Easter wouldn't be Easter without one of her delicous three milk cakes. Thank you Luisa and family.

  • #23

    Tim, Sue And Donnie (domenica, 31 luglio 2011 23:51)

    We Stopped by La Fonte today and what a fantastic experience. Not only is the food the best, Mama Luisa and Eleonora are great people!! They make you feel so welcome and a special part of their family. We will go back often. Try the spinach cannelloni!!!

  • #22

    Robert, Jacqueline and Chiara (mercoledì, 27 luglio 2011 04:00)

    I've lived in Rome for 12 years and it was a thrill to get the chance to eat pasta "fatta in casa" ... i.e. home made pasta made on the spot and with that wonderful, distinctive taste that cannot be faked and is so difficult to find int he U.S. I highly recommend the restaurant to anyone who wants to experience real Italian cuisine. Grazie mille!

  • #21

    Ralph & Rose (domenica, 26 giugno 2011 16:06)

    What a wonderful place...Luisa's and Eleonora are the best. Will sure be sure to go back on our next trip to Gettysubrg.

  • #20

    Angie (domenica, 15 maggio 2011 12:59)

    Can't think of anything new to add except that every word is true! They are doing a fantastic job and what a blessing to have met this family.

  • #19

    Leslie and Harry (sabato, 05 febbraio 2011 03:01)

    Feels like home with Luisa's hospitality and excellent food. Large portions to satisfy the hungriest diner. Always happy when we can snag a table in the dining room near the fireplace. My favorite is the lasagna, always made fresh, and her 3-milk cake is outstanding! Hugs to you, Luisa and Eleanora!

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    Diane & Richard (venerdì, 21 gennaio 2011 16:02)

    We agree with all who have highly complimented Mama Luisa's cooking and the service provided by her daughter Eleonora. We have eaten in Italy, and the food here is definitely AUTHENTIC and delicious. The crab cakes were huge and the fettucine bolognese was fantastic! The tiramisu was the perfect ending to an outstanding meal. We will absolutely return at our next opportunity. If you haven't eaten here yet, you are missing a real treat.

  • #17

    John, Karen and J.R. (giovedì, 09 dicembre 2010 01:07)

    La Fonte is the perfect place to eat after a long day of antiquing! The atmosphere is clean, nicely decorated and the food is amazing--easily the best lump crab cake sandwich I've ever eaten. Mama Luisa is not only a terrific cook, but she made us feel like we had known her for years. If you are ver passing through New Oxford, I highly recommend La Fonte. You won't be disappointed!

  • #16

    Jody (venerdì, 26 novembre 2010 14:13)